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Independent Desig

Pre-Designed Drawing Packages

We have developed a number of Pre-Designed Drawing Packages that can be viewed in the Design Gallery section of this website. These designs can be used as is or the design can be customized.  


Pre-designed drawing sets can be important for people who are on a tight construction schedule and or budget as compared to designing a home from scratch. Using the plans as is or customizing one of the pre-designed plans simplifies what can be an involved process and pays off in cost, time, and energy saving. Please contact me for pricing for 'as is' or customized drawing packages.

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Custom Timber Frame Design

I am also happy to work with you on a fully Custom Design. I can use the experience of helping hundreds of clients for over 20 years, in over 40 states and provinces, to work with you to develop a house design from scratch that is tailored specifically to your needs and desires that represents you in a configuration and style that is a perfect fit.  

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Architectural Drawing Package​

  • Resolution of design idea

  • Presentation for bank financing

  • Obtaining accurate pricing from timber framers, contractors and supplier

  • Submission for building permits

  • Document integral to accurate construction of a building project

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Timber Frame Shop Drawings

Each timber frame drawing package includes framing elevations from all sides, framing plans for each floor, bent layouts as necessary to define the details of the cross-section, and a roof framing plan. These drawings can be developed to accompany the architectural drawing package when needed.


Independent Design Services

Many timber frame design services are part of a timber frame manufacturing company.  This means you need to commit to a specific timber frame company to some degree before you can start the design process, resulting in a loss of leverage when comparing companies.


Our relationship with you is one that can be independent of any timber frame company, allowing you to contact multiple timber framers with a design in hand and to deal with each of them on an equal and informed basis.

Timber Frame Architectural Design Services

Architectural Design Process


Our philosophy at Timberworks Design is to create a design with you and not for you. With our client-centric approach, we help to realize your visions through a collaborative home design that directly reflects your styles and desires.


Each custom home design starts with a meeting or phone call (depending on location) to discuss your vision, budget, and style. From these notes, we will draft a proposal based on your program which will typically be broken down into three design phases: Floor Plans, Elevations, and Completed Drawings. By now through our meetings and discussed checklists we will have a clear and precise understanding of your unique criteria and start bringing the design to life.


Each drawing throughout all phases will be sent out electronically prior to all plan reviews where we will work closely with you in order to make sure that all your expectations are met.


Throughout the whole design process, your project will be presented to you in three dimensions. Designing in three dimensions is a very powerful tool not only for us but as a great way for you to better understand your project, equipping you with the information needed to make informed decisions on a design that is perfect for you.

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